Totem poles

Totem poles

Friday, 17 May 2019

Petone Beach rubbish audit and rubbish pick up.

Today Room 3 and 17 joined the older Enviro team members to do a rubbish pick up at Petone Beach. We joined Ben from Sustainable Coastlines to do the rubbish audit.
We were Civilian Scientists for the morning!
 First we had to measure out the survey area. 100 metres long and 10metres each side of the high tide line.
 And then we started picking up rubbish

Petone beach is a beautiful spot but it was a bit chilly today!

 Johnsonville school civilian scientists!
When we got back to school we had to sort, weigh and load in all our rubbish data.
 Once we sorted everything, then we counted how many there were of each kind of rubbish,
 Then we had to weigh it all and load all our rubbish information.
Petone rubbish audit complete!

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