Totem poles

Totem poles

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Enviro Schools Day

On Friday the 28th of Oct we hosted a special Enviro Schools day. Paparangi School, Hampton Hill School and St Teresa's.
 We got to work with Helen from Wild fruits of Wellington, she helped us do an audit of the trees in the nature trail. We found out what plants support which birds and skinks.
Darren from Zealandia showed us how to set skink traps to see where the skinks are in school.
Thanks Chloe for organising such a great afternoon.

Friday, 14 October 2016


We recycle all our waste paper and cardboard at school. Paper4trees takes all our paper and we get trees. Today they arrived!
 3 boxes of natives!
Despite the weather, this afternoon we started planting them in the nature trail.
 Sheltering under the trees through a shower!
 The keen gardeners.
Thanks Rimatuku Nurseries for the fabulous plants, and Wellington City Council for sponsoring our Paper4trees plants.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

What did the Enviro team do for Conservation week?

 We made bird feeders using pine cones, fat, peanut butter and seeds.
On Monday we will hang them up around the school for the birds.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Conservation Week dress up day

Today we dressed up as a greeny or something from nature. We gathered coins to raise money to support the Whio, NZ blue duck.
 There were some pretty amazing costumes.

 Thanks everyone for donating everyone.
 We made $173 to support the Whio.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Enviro team working bee

The nature trail was looking a bit run down so we decided to have a working bee on Saturday afternoon to spruce it up.
 This is what it looked  like before we started.

 The team in action!

 Yeah we've finished!
 Doesn't that look better.
 Thanks everyone so much.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Recycling technology challenge.

In our korero groups we had a technology challenge. We had to to make a flag that would stand up on the moon. (Remember on the wind there is no air and no wind) We had newspaper, boxes, egg cartons, paper and tape.
 There was some great team work and problem solving.
 And we made some incredible flags.