Totem poles

Totem poles

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Oxfam Oxmas!

What a special day.
The school rocked green and red!
 We sang a few songs...

 And then everyone brought up their coins.

 We raised $385.60!
What a great team effort.
Next week the Enviro team will let the school know what they decided to purchase to spread some Christmas cheer. Will it be water for schools, goats for milk, or maybe Christmas dinners for some families?

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Petone Beach rubbish pick up and audit

Despite the wet weather, we helped Ben from Sustainable Coastlines to do a rubbish pick up and audit. This time we did it on a Sunday so families could join us.
First we measured the specified area.
Then we picked up all the rubbish. Luckily the rain stopped until we had finished the pick up.

 All done.
 Then back to school to sort and load in the data.

 Job done. It was great being citizen scientists for the day.
Next year we are going to be surveying a new area in the Porirua Harbour.

Whats been happening with our rubbish?

This year we have been working with Kim from Sustainability Trust looking at the schools litter
  On Friday we interviewed Dylan, our caretaker to find out what he has to do with rubbish at our school.

 We found out lots. Apparently some classes are not as others at recycling and sorting their rubbish. I wonder which class is the best?
 We wrote some messages on the concrete to encourage the whole school to do the right thing.
We are working on a plan on how we can help Dylan to reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish next year.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Mill Creek farm, Ohariu Valley - tree planting!

Yesterday the junior members of the Enviro team plus some of the year 6 leaders set off on an adventure! We drove out to Lizzie's farm, Mill Creek farm in Ohariu valley.
Before we could leave we had to wait for these little guys to cross the road.
 First we drove up to the wind turbines and had our lunch. Amazing view out to the South Island.

 Our lunchtime watchers.

 Then down to the dam to do some planting. Mill Creek is part of the Capital Kiwi project. At the moment traps are all over the farm catching rats, mice, stoats, all the predators to kiwis. We were there to help plant some native plants by the dam to build a habitat for kiwi and other native birds.
 We unloaded all the plants and tools and headed for the dam.

Planting time.

 Planting all done!

 What an amazing team.
 I wonder what it will look like when we come back next year for the next stage?
 And back to the cars to head back to school.

 A big thanks to Lizzie and Gavin at Mill Creek for inviting us to join them in this project.
Ngā mihi to all the wonderful parents who were our drivers and helpers for the day.