Totem poles

Totem poles

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Oxfam Oxmas Day

On Wednesday we celebrated our Oxmas day.
Everyone dressed up all Chrissmassy and brought in a gold coin.
We gathered on the tiered seating.
 We sang a few Christmas songs.

Then collected the money.
 We made $382!
Nga mihi Johnsonville School whanau.
The Enviro team will decide what we do with the money and let everyone know.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Working bee

Thanks to all those who came and helped at the working bee on Sunday .
The plan was to tidy up Te Ngahere amariki- our outdoor classroom ready to use next year.
What a difference!
Before photos-
And after!
Nga mihi whanau.
Te Ngahere Tamariki looks great.

Market day!
Earlier this term the whole school had a market day where everyone set up little businesses. The Enviro team decided to make Kawakawa cream, packets of popping corn seeds to grow from our garden, and rhubarb cordial from the rhubarb we grew in the school garden.
We had a great enviro session making, packaging and marketing.

Market day was amazing and the Enviro team made $100.
The Enviro leaders got to decide what we could do with our $100.
So last Friday we made...
As soon as they have been grouted they are going down in the veggie garden.